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This inland sea is a heavenly spot, nestled in the Carr Boyd Ranges, a 45 minute-drive south-east of Kununurra. By volume, Lake Argyle is Western Australia's largest, freshwater, man-made reservoir and it’s like no other place you’ve ever seen! When

Off the north Kimberley coast, 6km across Scott Strait, remote Bigge Island harbours incredible galleries of ancient rock art. Canvases include scenes of Wandjina and Gwion Gwion (or Bradshaw) art, as well as more recent ‘first contact’ art: sailing boats

Camp Creek is a hidden gem that gently woos its visitors. At Camp Creek you can follow the fresh water upstream through rapids and billabongs and discover two deep, blue swimming holes with gorgeous, paperbark-fringed waterfalls. Swim straight up to the

With lakes, rivers and striking geological formations, Kununurra is the adventure capital of the Kimberley. Catch a barra, cruise the Ord, go waterfall hunting or explore nearby places such as Mirima National Park, Lake Argyle and (further afield) Purnululu National

Fringed by the tidal mudflats on the edge of King Sound, Derby, which is the western gateway to the Gibb River Road, lies 200km northeast of Broome and is famous for having the highest tidal range of any Australian port.

This 660km-long, old stock route is now a popular adventure trail that still retains its raw and undeveloped appeal. A 4WD vehicle is highly recommended and necessary to access many of those gorges. There’s next-to-no mobile phone reception out there,

Raft Point is an imposing bluff rising from the middle of Doubtful Bay in the heart of Worrora country. For sweeping coastal vistas over neighbouring Steep Island, climb 150m above the beach to reach a sandstone overhang, Here, rock canvases

There are potentially 10,000 beaches on the 1,000 islands that make up the Kimberley’s Buccaneer Archipelago, but one trumps all the rest. Located on remote Hidden Island, Silica Beach is a rarity in these parts, revered for its turquoise sea

Testament to how untamed and still unexplored the Kimberley is, these falls are named after the daughter of skipper Chris Tucker, the Kimberley cruise operator of Great Escape Charter Company. It’s a popular inclusion on cruise itineraries and with gorgeous,

The marine park nurtures a host of marine species – spot minke whales, dolphins and dugongs too – and encompasses the phenomenal Montgomery Reef. Remarkably, this is the first marine park to be jointly managed by the WA state government

As each enormous Kimberley tide retreats, Montgomery Reef appears to rise out of the sea, shedding water in spectacular cascades and countless waterfalls. Marine creatures race over the edge of the rapidly drying reef to the safety of the sea,

The word ‘waterfall’ almost always conjures up an image of water tumbling over a rocky ledge, which makes a horizontal, ocean falls difficult to imagine. What happens at Horizontal Falls is this: huge tides pushing water through two, extremely narrow

The anticipation is intense as you cruise up the Prince Regent River, idling through a gap in the mangroves before this famous falls is finally revealed. Its terraced rock face creates a tapestry of white water, cascading past rock figs

t’s one of the most visited waterfalls on the Kimberley coast, found on an isolated stretch south of Cockatoo Island and accessible only by boat. Despite the name, it’s also a popular place to swim. During spring high tides the

In September 1820, Lieutenant Philip Parker King pulled into a beach, now known as Careening Bay, to repair rotten timber in the hull of his 76-tonne cutter, the HMC Mermaid. The bay provided good shelter and access to fresh water, and

Nothing beats a new day breaking in the ancient King George River. The symphony of bird calls, echoing through the gorge, schools of fish leaping and the roar of mighty waterfalls, are sights and sounds that will stay with you

The 240,000-hectare national park has now received UNESCO World Heritage listing. Of course, Purnululu was known to Indigenous people long before that, and the Gija and Jaru people are recognised as its traditional custodians.

The Hunter River is located in the north-east corner of the stunning Prince Frederick Harbour. The Hunter’s grandeur can be felt as soon as you reach its river mouth where Kampamantiya – a 200m-high sandstone escarpment – towers overhead. The river

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Wyndham is the Kimberley’s oldest settlement and the northernmost town in Western Australia, located at the very end of the Great Northern Highway, 110km from Kununurra.

Darwin is the thriving capital of Australia’s Northern Territory (note - the Kimberley is in Western Australia, not in the N.T). It’s a multicultural town with many different opportunities for dining and also with access to national parks such as

Once the pearling capital of the world, Broome is a cosmopolitan beach town located at the base of the pristine Dampier Peninsula, over 2,000km north of Perth. This is the traditional country of the Yawuru people and relics from the

The Buccaneer Archipelago is a group of around 1,000 islands located along the Kimberley coast, north of Derby. These remote and largely uninhabited islands are known for their rugged terrain and pristine, white sandy beaches that few have ever set

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