This is the KIMBERLEY COAST, we are the KIMBERLEY CRUISE CENTRE. We know the Kimberley, we live here!

There’s no better time than now to cruise the Kimberley. Find yourself calm water cruising through bays and tributaries; zipping ‘down river’ in an excursion tender; and showering underneath waterfalls such as King Cascade or the King George Falls. This is adventure cruising at its best!

3 times the size of the UK, the Kimberley is an ancient wilderness of extraordinary grandeur, colour and contrast. Blessed with a year round balmy climate; breathtaking scenery; sky-high waterfalls; secluded beaches; and magnificent fishing, you will be amazed by the enormous beauty of Australia’s own Kimberley region. Why go overseas, when all of this is in your own backyard?

With one of the world’s largest tidal ranges (up to 11m), every day in the Kimberley presents new opportunities. All cruises are fully inclusive and you are cared for by knowledgeable crew and a chef who is sure to tempt with a succulent feast of the day’s catch. Now is the time to see the Kimberley coast!