True North



Adding yet another dimension to adventure, most True North cruises feature an onboard helicopter!

HeliCarrying guests in air conditioned comfort, the ship’s helicopter provides unique opportunity to witness grandeur; unique opportunity to fish billabongs that have never been fished; unique opportunity to discover your very own wilderness! Now it’s not uncommon for our guests to embark with some uncertainty about flying in a helicopter – however it’s always a different story when the time comes for disembarkation.

“Wow – who would have thought, I have never been in a helicopter before, now I can’t get enough. I can’t speak highly enough about the whole operation, I felt completely safe and I could not have hoped to have seen all that I saw if we didn’t have a helicopter onboard.”

True_North_heli-insideThe ship’s helicopter helps you to climb mountains and volcanoes in air conditioned comfort. Even if you are not as spritely as you once were – the helicopter will deliver you without fuss to even the most inaccessible locations.

See ancient rock art without leaving your seat. Glide over impenetrable jungle and swoop on historic and cultural highlights. Take someone special on a sunrise flight or join the entire guest compliment for an unforgettable heli-picnic.



The light, single-engine Eurocopter 130 B4 is the quietest, most spacious helicopter available on the market. The ultra-quiet EC130 B4 integrates the latest technological advances of EUROCOPTER’s new generation helicopters. It has a maximum gross weight of 2.4tonnes, and offers an enlarged cabin, allowing comfortable accommodation for the pilot and 6 passengers on individual leather seats.

With air-conditioning and large cabin windows, it is perfectly suited for getting those spectacular aerial shots and exploring the many destinations that are on offer with North Star Cruises Australia.

Heli-operations are run by Rob Colbert, Chief Pilot of Skyhook Helicopters Pty Ltd.  Rob has been working in and flying around the Kimberley region for over 23 years, and has been working with TRUE NORTH since 1996.  He has a keen interest in fishing, local history and culture, and provides entertaining commentary on all flights!  Or you may be lucky enough to have Rainor Marshall or Will Stinson as your pilot, both experienced and very knowledgeable in their own right!