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Main Deck Stateroom “B” (18 sq m) $10,890 pp  $12,990 pp $11,990 pp
Main Deck Stateroom “A” (18 sq m) $11,390 pp  $14,290 pp $12,550 pp
Promenade Deck Stateroom “B” (15 sq m) $11,940 pp                  

$17,910* sole use

$23,385* sole use $19,725* sole use
Promenade Deck Stateroom “A” (18 sq m) $12,990 pp  $16,890 pp $14,290 pp
Bridge Deck Stateroom (20 sq m) $15,190 pp  $19,490 pp $16,990 pp
Cruise fare includes: Traditional Owners’ Fee, Meals; Shore excursions by tender boat; Crew; Services of expedition staff including lectures, briefings, slide/film presentations, and other group activities; 24 hour tea/coffee station. Beer / wine with dinner  
Cruise fare does not include: Scenic helicopter flights, flights before or after the cruise  



$499 Flights + hotel package

2 FREE HOTEL NIGHTS: 1 night in Darwin & 1 night in Broome OR 2 nights in one place.
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Broome-Darwin cruise itinerary

This itinerary is indicative. No two Kimberley cruises will be the same, with each expedition crafted by experienced Masters and Expedition Leaders around the astounding 10+ metre tidal range, weather and sea conditions. Below is a selection of the key destinations that you may visit.


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Day 1: Depart Broome

The start of your Kimberley Expedition Cruise. Board your ship at 4:00pm for a 5:00pm departure.  Enjoy the Captain’s welcome drinks with fellow travellers and friendly Coral Expeditions’ crew.  Take in stunning views from the sundeck as we cruise north towards Cape Leveque.

Day 2: Lacepede Islands

Subject to weather and tides, visit the Lacepede Islands, a series of low islands consisting of coarse sand and coral rubble lying atop a platform reef (subject to weather and tides).  This nature reserve has been identified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area as it supports up to 18,000 breeding pairs of Brown Boobies and Roseate Terns, possibly the largest such population in the world.  Disembark to board a Zodiac and explore the island’s lagoon, keeping an eye out for many species of marine birdlife including Australian Pelicans, Frigatebirds, Egrets, Gulls and Terns.  The islands are also renowned as Western Australia’s most significant breeding grounds for the Green Turtle, and it is often seen nesting here.

DAY 3: Horizontal Falls and Buccaneer Archipelago

The visual delight of the Buccaneer Archipelago reveals Talbot Bay. Here we find the natural wonder of the Horizontal Falls. The changing tide thunders through narrow gorges in the McLarty Ranges, and you can experience the thrill of traversing the falls at high speed aboard inflatable tenders.
At Cyclone Creek, view evidence of massive geological forces in the impressive rock formations, or take an Xplorer cruise through the Iron Islands, past Koolan Island, before enjoying sunset drinks at Nares Point.

DAY 4: Doubtful Bay

Raft Point guards the entrance to this iconic area, with a host of destinations such as the mighty Sale River, Steep Island and Ruby Falls at Red Cone Creek. There may also be an opportunity to meet the Worrora people and experience the wonderous Wandjina art of Raft Point.

Day 5: Montgomery Reef

Montgomery Reef is a biologically diverse area covering over 300 sq km. Named by Phillip Parker King, this marvelous reef is home to several species of marine turtles, dolphins, dugongs, and crocodiles. As the reef emerges from the sea at low tide, we get up close in the Xplorer and inflatables to witness the spectacle. Our guides will share their knowledge on the formation of the reef and the myriad wildlife here.

Day 6: Prince Regent River and Careening Bay

Running on a fault line, this straight river is a haven for native species. If the tide is right, there may be an opportunity for swimming at Camp Creek (Note: swimming at freshwater swimming holes is subject to group size and local conditions), and here we visit the beautiful King Cascade.
See the National Heritage Listed ‘Mermaid Tree’ at Careening Bay. It still bears the name carved by the crew of Phillip Parker King’s ship HMS Mermaid when the ship was repaired here in 1820.

Day 7: Prince Frederick Harbour

At the southern end of the York Sound lies one of the most spectacular locations in the Kimberley: Prince Frederick Harbour. It is home to many islands, mangroves and monsoon rainforests, set against a backdrop of steep red escarpment. White-bellied sea eagles and other birds of prey are often seen here, and at low tide expansive mudflats reveal large populations of various mudskippers and mangrove crabs.
Spot massive saltwater crocodiles on a cruise up Porosus Creek, visit art sites, and marvel at rock formations.

Day 8: Mitchell Falls, Winkaykan, Swift Bay

Carved through layers of sandstone, Mitchell Falls descends over four tiers, creating pools of emerald green on each level. The option to take a scenic helicopter flight will give you a breathtaking view, or alternatively explore the sandstone caves of Hathway’s Hideaway or enjoy a catch and release fishing excursion*. Swift Bay reveals a series of fine Wandjina art galleries.

Day 9: Vansittart Bay 

Vansittart Bay contains many sites of cultural and historical significance. Here we have opportunity to view the remarkable Gwion Gwion galleries and Macassan sites at Jar Island. On the Anjo Peninsula, discover the wreckage of the downed C-53 Skytrooper, well-preserved since it crashed in 1942.

Day 10: King George River and Falls

At over 80 metres, King George Falls are the highest twin falls in Western Australia. Feel humbled by nature’s awesome force as thousands of tonnes of water cascade over the ancient sandstone cliffs. Early in the season, you may cruise under the mist of the falls, while in later months we get up close to the sandstone walls to view the honeycomb erosion patterns.
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Day 11: Expedition concludes in Darwin

Our incredible adventure along the Kimberley Coast concludes in Darwin this morning at 8:30am.  Bid farewell to new-found friends and the Captain and crew.  Post cruise transfers in Darwin included.