MV Great Escape

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4 NIGHTS Kimberley Fishing

Join the crew of MV Great Escape for a fishing charter in the Southern areas of the Kimberley region. As the waters warm up, test your skills against the mighty Barramundi! If fishing isn’t your thing, enjoy secluded beach walks, refreshing swims in hidden rock-pools or just relax with a cold drink in the spa.




Horizon View Stateroom (Twin Share) $3,735 pp  $3,995 pp 
Panoramic View Stateroom (Twin Share) $4,600 pp  $4,600 pp 
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Single travellers: Double per person rate and deduct 20% (sole use)
(Costs are dependant on total numbers for air transfers and may vary)





Your Kimberley fishing adventure begins with a flight into the heart of the Kimberley Coast. From here you’ll be transferred by helicopter to land aboard MV Great Escape. Your crew will greet you with a warm welcome and a hearty brunch to begin the day. We’ll then cruise across King Sound to Strickland Bay where we can fish the Graveyards for queenfish and trevally. Navigating through Whirlpool passage on our way to the Buccaneer Archipelago, we’ll stop to have a flick at the passing tuna schools. We’ll anchor for the night at Coppermine Creek, a scenic and natural safe harbour.


Here you’ll have the choice to go bottom fishing, trolling for sport species or collecting succulent Kimberley oysters for the evening entrée. We’ll then find a waterhole for a refreshing swim before cruising over to Raft Point, where you can either go for a sunset fish or enjoy a hike to an ancient Aboriginal art gallery with breathtaking views over Doubtful Bay. Drinks will be served on deck as you watch the sun slowly melt into the ocean.


Marvel at the waterfalls of Montgomery Reef as we take an early morning foray along this unusual reef structure. Discovered by Phillip Parker King in the early 1800s, this area is rich in history and wildlife. Here we can hook into a giant trevally, queenfish, tuna or maybe a mackerel, all while spotting turtles, sharks and the odd dugong. We’ll then cruise back into Doubtful Bay and head on toward – a favourite secret Kimberley watering hole, a great place to relax and have a swim.


The Sale River is one of the most scenic waterways in this area, encompassing both tidal estuaries and spectacular sandstone gorges. You’ll start the day by fishing the morning tide, before we cruise down the river for a barbeque lunch beneath a rainforest canopy. Here you can relax in a multitude of crystal clear pools, fringed with tropical ferns and bushes. Time permitting, we’ll fish through the afternoon until we return to MV Great Escape, where you can kick back and enjoy your last Kimberley sunset as we cruise back over to Raft Point and One Arm Point.


After departing MV Great Escape in the morning by helicopter, you’ll land at Mount Hart and be transferred to Broome by a fixed wing charter flight. Our friendly office staff will greet you at Broome airport and then transfer you onto your accommodation or to the Broome International Airport if required.

itinerary variations

This is a typical itinerary and whilst your adventure will be similar to the one described here, tides will affect the itinerary. We plan each day according to the tides and often modify or rearrange the schedule to work in with Mother Nature.