14 Day Cruise

Odyssey: Kimberley Coast

Odyssey: Kimberley Coast

Odyssey Expeditions offer a friendly small group approach to cater for the needs of all passengers while providing the best eco-value available. Adventures depart from Broome and cover some of the Kimberley’s best-kept secrets.

The advanced catamaran design ensures a very quiet operation, spacious interior with great stability. Perfect for sneaking into secluded shallow bays, she draws only 1.8 metres and is powered by 2x advanced Mercedes diesel engines. The engines exceed all future emission standards and are considerably quieter than anything comparable on the market.

The dining area can seat all passengers comfortably for meals or presentations. Outside on the upper deck all guests can be seated under shade for alfresco meals. There are 3 other comfortable outdoor viewing decks.

Odyssey carries a compliment of the latest navigational equipment, radios, satellite communications, data facilities and a full DVD entertainment system. Facilities are provided for burning photos to CD’s or DVD’s, full digital and audio visual presentation equipment for corporate functions and a library of informative and fictional books.

Cruise Details

Situated in the far north west of Western Australia, the Kimberley offers a year round tropical climate, breathtaking scenery and an unspoiled coastline. A diverse array of flora and fauna inhabit the land and waters, including the infamous salt water crocodile.

The Kimberley is blessed with a rich pioneering and indigenous history, offering visitors the holiday experience of a lifetime. Deep gorges, awe-inspiring water falls, the ideal climate and clear night skies bursting with stars, makes the Kimberley a land to be discovered.

From June to September, Odyssey travels between Broome and the Mitchell Plateau with included transfers from Mitchell Plateau to Broome.


Twin share single cabins and deluxe double cabins are well equipped and private with 240v power, personalised air-conditioning, storage units and bar fridges. Deluxe cabins also feature a desk, vanity and basin. Double beds in the Deluxe cabins can be separated into 2x twins, if preferred. 4x spacious toilet and separate shower facilities are located very close to all cabins.

Lower Deck Classic (Twin x4)
  • Shared bathrooms (4 on mid deck)
  • Portholes
  • 240 volt power
  • Air Conditioned
  • Storage Cupboards
  • 2x single beds
Mid Deck Deluxe (x6)
  • Viewing Windows
  • Shared bathrooms (4 on mid deck)
  • Queen sized bed (can be split into twin)
  • Dining and galley are on this level
  • Vanity, sink, desk
  • 240 volt power
  • Air Conditioned
  • Storage Cupboards


Meals are based on healthy local produce and fresh seafood wherever possible (with a light smattering of extremely tasty irresistible desserts that – may not be so healthy!). Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements upon final payment.

Destination : Wyndham
Departure : Broome
Dress Code : Casual


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Not Included:

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Depart Broome
Our crew are looking forward to meeting you. Your charter bus will pick you up this morning & transport you to Gantheaume Point where our tender vessel, “Homer” will transfer you out to the Odyssey. After a safety briefing, an introduction and a light brunch you can settle into your new home for the next 8 days. You may wish to stroll around the decks, enjoy the fresh sea air or just sit back and relax while observing the amazing colours of our northern coastal beaches drift by as we head north passing Cape Leveque and King Sound.
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Buccaneer Archipelago, Talbot Bay – Horizontal Falls
Today we cruise past Cockatoo and Koolan Islands as we make our way into Dugong Bay, here we will anchor close to Turtle Falls.  Our first expedition on Homer will be to explore Dugong Bay which, after the heavy rains of the Big Wet, has many waterfalls and excellent fishing holes. After a scrumptious lunch we’ll head to Talbot Bay and experience the Kimberley’s most amazing natural phenomenon, the Horizontal Falls, an intense tidal current that hurtles through two narrow coastal gorges, the massive tidal movement creates a waterfall effect as water squeezes through the narrow cliff passages.  Tonight we will anchor in Talbot Bay and enjoy one of many spectacular Kimberley sunsets.
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Red Cone Creek – Ruby Falls – Raft Point
An early departure for Kingfisher Islands today, as we head west to Montgomery Reef. Once at Montgomery Reef, MV Odyssey will anchor in Turtle Channel, a narrow channel that splits the reef, then it’s all on board Homer for a closer look at the reef and the marine life it supports.  After lunch we will head back towards the mainland, motor past Raft Point and make our way to Red Cone Creek. We may have an opportunity to catch some Mud Crabs before we head upstream to Ruby Falls for a fresh water swim. We will spend the evening anchored in Red Cone Creek.
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Montgomery Reef – Sale River
The Sale River is our first stop today.  Another exploration in Homer will take us past fascinating rock formations and steep gorges to a hidden rainforest and freshwater swimming hole. After lunch we will head further north to Hall Point for a spot of fishing before we steam past Kuri Bay pearl farm and onto Camden Sound, here we will anchor the night before visiting the historical sites of W.A.’s early explorers.
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Camden Sound – Sheep Island
Today we will visit Sheep Island in Brecknock Harbour. In the 1850s Mary Jane Pascoe was laid here to rest, her gravesite now one of the loneliest on the planet. As you survey the landscape, our guide will tell of the hardships endured by these early settlers. Heading out past Augustus Island we will make our way to Hanover Bay for a leisurely swim and beach walk before heading towards the Prince Regent River.
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Prince Regent River – Camp Creek – King Cascade – Bradshaw Art
For those that are keen, there may be an opportunity for an early morning fish before catching the incoming tide that will carry us deep into the Prince Regent River to King Cascade. King Cascade is a magnificent, terraced waterfall discovered and named by Philip Parker King in his own honour as he was searching for fresh water. For the adventurous there is an opportunity to climb to the top of the falls for a fresh water swim. After exploring King Cascade, we will then travel a small way upstream to visit a Bradshaw art site situated high above the water on the northern bank of the river before making our way to safe anchorage and an overnight stay in the river.
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Prince Regent River – Camp Creek
Today we will board Homer and make our way 8km upstream from King Cascade to Cathedral Falls. Falling approximately 75metres from an amphitheatre shaped rock formation, these spectacular falls are rarely visited because of their remoteness and tidal dependency.  With the tide on our side we should be able to sneak in with Homer for a fresh water shower before heading back to Odyssey for morning tea.Another spot we will visit today is Camp Creek. A small trek across sand and rock will take us to a wide flowing waterhole, no crocs to worry about here just fresh, clear water with small eddies and tumbling currents. After a refreshing swim we will make our way to St George Basin passing Mt Waterloo and Mt Trafalgar then heading north once again to Careening Bay where we will anchor overnight.
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Careening Bay
An early visit to the beach this morning to a very historical site known as the Mermaid Tree, a huge Boab tree bearing the name of  Philip Parker King’s vessel  “Mermaid” and the date it was careened on the beach to allow for urgent repairs.After a cooked breakfast back on board Odyssey we will depart for Prince Frederick Harbour, the mouth of the Hunter and Roe Rivers. Once anchored at the mouth of the Roe River we will board Homer for a scenic cruise upstream to a secluded freshwater swimming hole. Here at the headwaters we will stop for a picnic lunch and spend some time swimming, exploring Bradshaw Art and perhaps some Barra fishing.
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Bigge Island
We leave Prince Frederick Harbour today and head north to Bigge Island. After breakfast we will go ashore to explore some ancient Wandjina art sites. Later in the morning we will head to Mudge Bay and our luck at fishing before heading to the Mitchell River. This afternoon brings exploring on the beach walk on one of the remote beaches there. Anchored securely for the evening we can enjoy pre dinner drinks whist watching another spectacular Kimberley Sunset.
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Surveyors Pool
Fishing and mud crabbing at low tide this morning, then as the tide rises it’s time for a refreshing swim at Surveyors pool. After lunch we will depart the Mitchell River and head to Vansittart Bay. Beautiful cruising as we navigate our way through the many Islands to an anchorage close to Jar Island for the evening.
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East Vansittart Bay – DC3 Wreckage – Drysdale River
We will rise early this morning to visit a Bradshaw Art site, then a short journey on Homer to the eastern side of Vansittart Bay where we will go ashore to view the wreckage of a DC3 that crash landed here during World War II. Before lunch we will depart Vansittart Bay our next destination, the Drysdale River in Napier Broome Bay. Once at the mouth of the river we will board Homer and explore further up this river system. We have a late steam to Glycosmis Bay, our anchorage for the night.
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Koolama Bay – King George Falls
It’s an early steam this morning to Koolama Bay, at the mouth of the King George River. After a short journey another of the many highlights of the Kimberley emerges, King George Falls.The view from the top of these falls is spectacular to say the least. A visit to Batman Cave is next to follow on what has been a memorable day for us all before departing Koolama Bay for the Berkeley River.
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Berkeley River – Cambridge Gulf
There will be an opportunity for some fishing early this morning, for those that are keen, followed by an excursion to the Berkeley River. At the Berkeley we will head upstream viewing magnificent waterfalls along the way before a refreshing swim. We’ll have lunch back on board Odyssey before departing the Berkeley River and head towards Cambridge Gulf. It’s a nonstop journey as we make our way south east towards Wyndham
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This day has come all too quickly. We will wake as we are cruising towards Wyndham, not far away. It’s time to say goodbye to fellow guests and crew members, with whom you are now friends, as we prepare to end the lifetime experience that we have just shared. After breakfast our courtesy bus will arrive to transfer you to your Kununurra accommodation or the airport.


                      CABIN Twin share
Lower Deck Classic (Twin)   $12,490 pp
Main Deck Deluxe (Double or Twin)   $13,990 pp

*Single travellers may choose to be placed with another same-sex traveller in a Twin cabin for the price of the Twin Share. Not valid with the ‘special offer’ (special offer valid for 2 person bookings only)

Cruise Dates

2 – 16 Mar 2023 Broome – Wyndham
16 Mar – 30 Mar 2023 Wyndham – Broome
31 Mar – 14 Apr 2023 Broome – Wyndham
14 – 28 Apr 2023 Wyndham – Broome
30 Apr – 14 May 2023 Broome – Wyndham
14 – 28 May 2023 Wyndham – Broome
30 May – 13 June 2023 Broome – Wyndham
13 – 27 June 2023 Wyndham – Broome