MV Great Escape

andrew denton’s great escape 

Andrew Denton Great Escape“I have posted off your guest survey form but wanted to pass on more personal feedback about the trip as well.

We are, both of us, still floating on Kimberley time, our bodies tuned to the cycle of sunrises and sunsets.

We had an excellent trip from top to bottom. Jez’s knowledge of – and love for – the Kimberley provided a rare experience: Top-end travel with home-grown passion.

The team on board the ship – Taylor, Calab, Ashleigh and Josh – were uniformly excellent and hard-working. We were up at 5.30 most mornings to catch the sunrise and it didn’t escape our attention how thoroughly, and cheerfully, they went about the many tasks required to make the ship, and the tour, run smoothly.

Josh’s food was almost too good. I came to curse his desserts nearly as much as I failed to resist them. Ashleigh was like a ninja, cleaning our cabin invisibly the moment we left it, while uncomplainingly working her way through an endless mountain of laundry. Calab and Taylor were all-round impressive young men, whether it required skill in helping clumsy fisher-folk, patience in assisting older passengers to navigate their way around, or diligence to be there whenever anybody had a request. I know everyone on board was deeply impressed that these two young men arranged a dawn service on Anzac Day. As Jez said at its closure “well done boys”.

Having a helicopter, as you know, adds another dimension to the trip – and having Pete Sinden as pilot added another dimension still. His humour, professionalism and knowledge were a great asset to the trip and he and Jez seem, in many ways, made for each other. We know Pete from a previous trip to Antarctica, before he got his pilots’ license, and to see him stepping into a leadership role was very impressive.

The itinerary for the trip was excellent – a great mixture of fishing, swimming, walks, art and discoveries. Everything you promised in the brochure was there, and more.

All of us blessed the fact that you only take 14 passengers, which gave us an opportunity to experience the place personally, rather than as a pack.

Jez and Trippy have built something special with the Great Escape. Like anything which has been made to look easy, this can only be because they – and all of you – work like stink.

You should know that your effort shows in the results. We have travelled extensively and both of us put our Kimberley trip in the very top rank of experiences.

For this, our thanks.

We hope to see you one day at Rowley Shoals.


Andrew” (2013)