Kimberley Explorer

Welcome Aboard Kimberley Explorer:

Kimberley season Apr-Oct Passengers: 12
Crew: 2-3 Accommodation: Beach camping
KCC Comment: Owner Greg Prowse is one of the Kimberley’s original cruise operators. He has taken various television crews into the region and is known for his enthusiasm. Greg knows the Kimberley’s best waterfalls, fishing and tides. A trip aboard Kimberley Explorer is one not to be forgotten!

Kimberley Explorer has been designed exclusively for cruising the Kimberley coastline. With a full length keel and shallow draught, Kimberley Explorer is capable of sitting on the ground once the tide goes out, allowing passengers to explore reefs and creek systems at low water.

With a cruising speed of 20 knots and long range fuel tanks, time spent exploring the coastline is maximised, ensuring passengers get the most out of their time spent cruising the Kimberley coastline.

Essential comforts are well catered for with male & female showers and toilets (with hot and cold water). With 1000 litres of water storage and a desalinator, beach camping while cruising the Kimberley coast has just become a whole lot more appealing.

To ensure the sounds of silence are preserved, Kimberley Explorer is fitted with solar panels and deep cycle batteries providing the vessels electrical supply. A 240 volt inverter is also available for charging camera batteries and small appliances.

Kimberley Explorer has two tender dinghies. One dinghy is driven onto the dive platform at the back of Kimberley Explorer which is then raised and lowered making it easier for passengers to transfer to and from the tender dingy.

Kimberley Explorer also has well appointed kitchen facilities including 4 fridge / freezers, gas stove with hot plates and griller, microwave oven and deck side BBQ.


In the evening you will camp on a secluded beach, where you are provided with a swag and mozzie dome. Table and chairs are also provided. The deckhand will help you set up your mozzie dome, light the campfire in and provide any further assistance you may need.