Reef Prince

2019 Cruise Schedule

Please use this information as a guide only. Please freecall 1800 677 830 for the latest availability. Please do not book flights before booking and confirmation of your cruise.

2019 Dates Direction Avail
22nd March 2019 to 1st April 2019 Broome-Darwin Please enquire
21st April 2019 to 1st May 2019 Darwin-Broome Please enquire 
3rd May 2019 to 13th May 2019 Broome-Darwin Please enquire  
24th May 2019 to 3rd June 2019 Darwin-Broome Please enquire 
5th June 2019 to 15th June 2019 Broome-Darwin Please enquire 
26th June 2019 to 6th July 2019 Darwin-Broome Please enquire  
8th July 2019 to 18th July 2019 Broome-Darwin Please enquire 
20th July 2019 to 30th July 2019 Darwin-Broome Please enquire  
1st August 2019 to 11th August 2019 Broome-Darwin Please enquire 
22nd August 2019 to 1st Sept 2019 Darwin-Broome Please enquire  
3rd Sept 2019 to 13th Sept 2019 Broome-Darwin Please enquire 
24th Sept 2019 to 4th October 2019 Darwin-Broome Please enquire